Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a complete system of self defence and self-improvement or mind, body and spirit while enhancing your health and managing your energy, all in a safe and enlightening facility.

Our Philosophy

Goju Ryu Karate is not just a system of self defence, it’s a belief. A belief in the importance of balance, a belief in the pursuit of continued education, and a belief in self.

“Karate begins and ends with courtesy and respect.”

Our Promise

Our promise is to uphold the histories and traditions of the classical martial arts. To adhere to and uphold the marital virtues. We promise that our students will always come first and that everyone will be given an opportunity to flourish!

The Kaze Hatsu Dojo”

We offer a classical and educational based goju ryu program, with a heavy emphasis on balance and discipline.  We set ourselves apart by providing martial arts the way it was originally meant to be taught.  We will never be mistaken for a recreational or sport based program, and progress through the system is earned and never given.

“Be as hard as the world forces you to be but be as soft as the world allows you to be.”

Toraguchi Martial Arts in downtown Oakville was founded in 2001.  Toraguchi is a Japanese word that means “tiger’s mouth.”  It is also the name of the most recognizable techniques in all of goju ryu karate.  We are also known as the “Kaze Hatsu Dojo”.  Kaze Hatsu in Japanese means “new wind” or “fresh wind”.  This identity was chosen for the dojo for its symbolism. Wind must always be moving, must always be changing and active, or it becomes stale and stagnant. Wind can be as ferocious as a hurricane or as gentle as a breeze. It is always changing with the environment but it never changes itself; it will always be wind.

This symbolism perfectly describes the character of the dojo as we have grown exponentially from our humble beginnings.  We’ve grown from a 1200 square foot lower level space on Lakeshore to now over 4500 square feet on Church St. and has become a testament to our perseverance and adaptability.  The concept of “new wind” is what we also want for our students; to adapt to circumstances and never believe that there is only one answer to every question. To never forget who you are while being a positive force in your own life as well as in the lives of people around you.

Please take some time to tour our website and if you ever have any questions feel free to contact us through our contact page. Our doors are always open, so come by and see the difference our martial arts dojo can offer you.



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